I want to let you in on a little secret…

When it comes time to finally start tackling those long-standing health issues holding you back from living your best life, you know who will be the ones to get the incredible success stories?

The people that…

  1. Have mastered the art of delayed gratification

  2. Have ninja-level self-awareness and an open mind

  3. Don’t let things like fear, disruption, distraction, low self-worth, or limiting beliefs hold them back from taking imperfect action and doing the work that will inevitably lead them to the level of results they really want and deserve, and are truly capable of achieving. (Versus spending years just thinking and dreaming about all of it!)

(As many coaches often say, never allow people to complain about results they didn’t get, from work they didn’t do!)

You see, the path to transformation is not a straight line – it’s a spiral!

And I've seen too many people give up when they're just 3 feet from the gold, simply because their mindset was holding them back..

Knowledge is fairly useless without experience (implementation of knowledge, with honest effort), which then opens doors into new levels of understanding and wisdom… so you can then take your results to new levels of mastery, as you rinse & repeat.

The power and magic of working on your mindset is that you can then apply this stuff to literally any and every other facet of your life.

When you’re in the right mindset…

  • Knowing and truly believing first and foremost that you’re worthy of feeling great and getting the results you desire…

  • And then tapping into the motivation and energy you’ll need to apply what you learn…

  • And finally, combining all of that with the strategy (such as the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap and/or my Holistic Nutrition Fundamentals…)

You become unstoppable!

Here's the deal...

I’m not a therapist, nor am I trying to be one... however, I am formally trained and certified as a functional nutrition coach, registered dietitian, and holistic nutritionist with a few decades of coaching experience. ;)

But more importantly, I’ve walked the walk (practicing these mindset skills first throughout my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing journey, and then carrited those same skills into my relationships, career and business…) and it’s been a complete gamechanger! And I want to share these simple tricks and mindset hacks with you, to help you start shedding old skin (if needed), tap into your potential, be your own advocate more often, and let go of any old thought patterns no longer serving your progression.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mindset Mastery: Welcome!

    • Master Your Mindset: Intro

  • 2

    Module 1: 3 Little-Known Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Journey

    • Master Your Mindset: Strategy #1

    • Master Your Mindset: Strategy #2

    • Master Your Mindset: Strategy #3

  • 3

    Module 2: Connect to Your Nutrition Conviction

    • Connect to your Nutrition Conviction

Bottom line: Mindset is EVERYTHING!

I know it may at face value seem like all of that is a bunch of “fluff” that has nothing to do with nutrition and physical health… but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In completing this mini-course and applying what you learn, you may experience...

  • More clarity on why you were stuck in self-sabotage for so long

  • More confidence in your ability to take action and apply what you learn

  • More patience and self-compassion on your journey

  • A deeper understanding of how your health challenges and this journey are happening FOR you versus TO you

  • Less "black-and-white" / "all-or-nothing" thinking (a type of fear-based thought pattern known to cause self-sabotage)

  • A holistic mindset which helps you to start applying the methodology so you can finally break through that glass ceiling


  • Can this replace 1:1 coaching/therapy?

    No - this program is not meant to replace 1:1 coaching or therapy for those who need that level of support.

  • I'm already working with a dietitian/nutritionist/health coach. Would this course still be beneficial for me?

    If you resonate with the above info, then YES! This course is not meant to replace 1:1 nutrition coaching but rather to ENHANCE and COMPLEMENT it. We often need to hear things multiple times in at least 6-7 different ways before it truly clicks. This course may be just what you needed to hear, to get your next breakthrough.

  • Is this a bunch of positive affirmations?

    No - this is a small series of actionable tools and activities that will help to facilitate mental and emotional breakthroughs for you, in ways that are very simple.

  • Can I purchase this as a stand-alone course?

    This course is offered primarily as a BONUS when you enroll in Kitchen Alchemy: Holistic Nutrition Fundamentals, or the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap. There may be exceptions a few times a year if you're on my email list and you receive a coupon code to enroll in this course exclusively.

  • Can this course work for any type of health condition?

    Yes! The principles in this mini-course are universal and can be applied to any type of health or healing journey, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

  • What if I fall behind in this course?

    There is no such thing as falling behind, because you've got LIFETIME ACCESS! This also means you'll receive notifications each time I update and improve the course curriculum content.

  • Is this mini-course covered by insurance?

    Although insurance doesn't directly cover online programs, we DO accept HSA/FSA/health savings card payments. Some insurances also allow you to submit your receipt as a superbill for reimbursement (you need to check with them directly!).

This course is NOT recommended for you if...

  • You are very set in your ways and you don't have an open mind.
  • You would rather be a victim and not take ownership for your health.
  • You aren't ready to start making changes - it is not the right time.

Course Creator & Instructor: Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD

Holistic registered dietitian-nutritionist

Course Creator and Instructor

Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT

Identifying the root causes of my health issues, changing my staple foods, nailing down my nutritional & herbal supplement protocols and adjusting my lifestyle has literally transformed my life. I've experienced first-hand what it's like to transform from feeling sick all the time (no matter what I ate and no matter how seemingly "healthy" I thought it was), to reversing over a dozen ALLERGIES (yup, you read that right), healing my esophagus, reversing IBS and having more energy than I know what to do with. More than anything else, I want to now pave the way and help as many people as possible through my signature system so you don't have to waste anymore time going to different mainstream surface-level providers who don't understand you (or sitting on Google with "analysis paralysis" for that matter!). To experience first-hand the level of clarity, relief, freedom, and peace of mind that this program can provide - and to take real, tangible steps to unlocking your code and crafting a lifestyle plan that allows your body to heal itself. Should you choose to accept my invitation as one of up to 10 founding members, I promise these next 90 days will be life-altering for you and your family. I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Complete Gut Repair Program! All My Best, Jenna

Downloadable handouts, cheat sheets & quick-guides...

Including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly food logs and self-assessment tools for cultivating awareness and accountability
  • Customizable weekly goal setting sheets so you can meet yourself where you’re at
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) based journaling prompts to help you master your mindset (so you can take action and get the most out of this course!)
  • “Exchange Lists” for each food group so you have clarity around portions and recommended serving sizes 
  • Grocery shopping checklists and cheat sheets
  • Juicing & Smoothies 101 Do’s & Don’ts
  • Master Snack List 
  • Portion Size Eyeballing “cheat sheet”
  • Delicious real-food recipes and meal planning templates
  • All Kinds of Carbs “Quick Guide”
  • Ultimate Hidden Sugars label reading guide
  • How to Find Your “Sweet Spot” on the Sugar Spectrum - Roadmap
  • Mindful Eating activity sheet
  • What Your Food Cravings Really Mean (and how to honor them)
  • 21 days of MY personal food logs (*GASP*)!!! (so you can see a real-life example of what these fundamentals look like in action!)