Does this sound familiar?

You're on a journey trying to heal your mind, both, or both - with food. Because you've realized that what we eat is directly linked to how we think and feel (true that!). But...

  • You’ve found yourself getting "stuck", scouring the internet (and getting some unwarranted advice from your peers too) about what’s “healthy” and what isn’t, and it’s confusing and overwhelming.

  • You’ve tried fad diets on and off over the years hoping to feel better in your body but haven’t been able to stick to anything long-term.  You’re ready for a healthy lifestyle that’s actually sustainable.

  • You tend to “wing it” – AKA waiting until you’re hungry (or maybe even starving?) before deciding what you’re going to eat… and that doesn’t usually bode well!

  • You’re a “people pleaser” and a giver. You constantly put everyone else’s needs before your own and something’s gotta give because that just ain’t working anymore…

  • You don’t feel good in your body, or you tend to dissociate and not really tune into your body. You’ve realized that how crappy you feel likely has something to do with what you’re eating (or maybe not eating)…

  • You’re shaky on finding your “true north” when it comes to things like meal planning, grocery shopping, healthy eating and label reading.

  • You don’t want to waste more time trying to “Google” your way to healthy living/balanced eating – you’d like guidance from a holistic-minded expert so you can finally move the needle forward on your health journey.

  • Maybe - you've already started the "great work" on your healing journey (congrats!) but have found that progress is slower than you hoped. You'd like to fill in the "knowledge gaps" and enhance the 1:1 work you're doing with a dietitian/nutritionist to accelerate your progress.

If you said "YES" to any of the above...

you're NOT alone!

In fact, I’ve witnessed this THOUSANDS of times over in the last 10 years.  

Whether people are trying to lose weight, heal their gut, balance hormones or something totally different, and they're finding they can't seem to make progress...

There's a COMMON THREAD so many of these people have in common:  

They’re lacking a solid nutrition foundation!

From yo-yo dieting to black-and-white thinking (an all-or-nothing mentality) to fad diets followed by intermittent periods of binging/stress eating…nothing you’ve tried has lasted more than a few days/weeks/months and you always find yourself back at “Square One.”  

You’ve learned by now that stuff doesn’t work, but at the same time you don’t have a clear picture of what a “healthy” lifestyle can look like.

ALSO: when it comes to digestion, blood sugar, hormones and mental health - medical professionals across the board can all agree that no supplement or herb (no matter how powerful) can ever lead to clinical results without a solid nutrition foundation in place.

But what if...

  • You can wake up with more energy than you realized was possible.
  • You can feel comfortable in your body - less bloated, less fatigue!
  • You can escape/avoid the “pharmaceutical rabbit hole” – reduce or eliminate the need for medications despite the path you were going down…
  • You can grocery shop without anxiety.
  • You can even reach a point where you can “self regulate” (eat intuitively based on what your body needs) on autopilot… yes that’s possible!
  • Others start coming to you for advice, asking “what are you doing?” (nutritionally speaking) and you get to say it’s just your lifestyle. You’re just living! :)

Enroll in Kitchen Alchemy!

Your future self will thank you. The return on investment for going on this journey and mastering the nutrition fundamentals will give back to you for many years to come!

Kitchen Alchemy: Holistic Nutrition Fundamentals

Your 12-week holistic, realistic, non-diet approach to healthy living and food freedom!

This is your fast-track to learning the nutrition fundamentals which will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to live optimally, without going on a diet.
Kitchen Alchemy: Holistic Nutrition Fundamentals

What others are saying...

Worth it's weight in gold!


"First of all, so far worth every penny! These are the things you have been teaching me and having them gathered in a clear and concise spot is worth its weight in gold. I am more excited now!"

Breaking food into manageable sections


“So many choices in the stores of foods that are processed and /or labeled as healthy. The course helps by breaking food into manageable sections. It’s information I can see myself using over and over. I love how Jenna has done all of the research and quotes her sources.”Break

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1: Building a Fruit & Veggie Foundation that LASTS!

    • Module 1 Intro Summary - Building a Fruit & Veggie Foundation that Lasts!

    • Fun Facts and Shocking Stats about Fruits and Veggies

    • 6 Surprising Ways to "Doctor Up" Your Veggies...

    • Juicing and Smoothies 101 - Everything You Need to Know!

    • High-Impact, Low-Effort Hacks to Skyrocket the "Fruits of your Labor!"

  • 3

    Module 2: Finding Carb Clarity & Harmony Amongst the Chaos

    • Finding Carb Clarity & Harmony Amongst the Chaos!

    • All Kinds of Carbs!

    • Americans' Modern-Day Dysfunctional Relationship with Carbs... What's Really Going On?!

    • How to Find Your Own "Carb Clarity" - how many carbs and what kinds of carbs are best for you?

    • What's Up With Gluten? A Bird's Eye Explanation for What's Really Going On.

  • 4

    Module 3: Protein Pairing "Do's" and "Don'ts"

    • Module 3: Protein Pairing Introduction

    • What are the best sources of protein?

    • Protein Pairing: A magical food combination!

    • Pre- and Post- Workout Meal Planning (Do's & Don'ts)

    • Protein Powders 101

    • How much protein should we actually be eating?

  • 5

    Module 4: Friend or Foe? Understanding & Implementing Fat Facts vs. Fictions

    • Intro to Fats

    • Module 4 Workbook & Exchange List

    • Types of Fats, and Their Roles in the Body

    • Evolution of Fats: What Americans are Doing Wrong and Missing the Boat On…

    • 9 Surprising (and Must-Know) Fun Facts/Fictions about Fats!

    • Cooking with Fats - 5 diet mistakes even health conscious people are making! (Do this instead.)

    • Nutrition label reading: Quick tips on figuring out your heart-health friends and foes

  • 6

    Module 5: Complete Roadmap to Navigating the "Sugar Spectrum"

    • Intro to the Sugar Spectrum

    • Module 5 Workbook

    • Roles of Sugar in the Body and Why It Matters

    • Where is Sugar Hiding? How to ID and visualize the sugar content of foods using an ingredient label.

    • Hidden Sugars Cheat Sheet

    • Sugar Substitutes & Artificial Sweeteners 101

    • Jenna's Top 11 Favorite Go-To Brands of Chocolate (and why!)

    • How to Find Your Sweet Spot on the "Sugar Spectrum" - Cheat Sheet

    • Sweet Treats, Recipes, & Resources for More Energy, Balanced Blood Sugar and Better Digestion!

  • 7

    Module 6 [BONUS]: Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering Empowered Eating

    • What is Empowered Eating? [Intro]

    • Module 6 - Empowered Eating Workbook!

    • De-Code Your Food Cravings (And Honor Them Too!)

    • [PDF Download] - Template for Planning Around & Honoring Your Food Cravings

    • Empowered vs Mindless Eating - Examples, Self Assessment and Actionable Takeaways

    • [PDF Download] Mindful Eating Activity

Let's fast-track your progress.

Don't get me wrong: You COULD spend the next few years on Google…OR just stick to your 1:1 meetings with a dietitian/nutritionist learning these fundamentals slowly, a few hours each month for the next few years... -OR- You could learn everything you need about the “Nutrition Fundamentals” now and move forward exponentially more efficiently on your journey!

VIP experience


“It was amazing! I felt like you were by my side coaching me every step of the way. It was the next best thing to having you as my personal coach 24/7.”

For those looking to enhance and accelerate your holistic nutrition lifestyle, guided by a holistic-minded nutrition expert.

This program was designed after working with thousands of people just like you for the past decade! It’s a knowledge bank of evidence-based nutrition tools and resources that will serve you and bring you clarity for many years to come.

In completing this program and applying what you learn, you may experience...

  • More energy to do more of the things you love.

  • More confidence, clarity and consistency in your ability to apply your nutrition knowledge and wisdom.

  • Balanced blood sugar levels so you don’t feel “hangry” or out of control when it’s actually time to eat.

  • Evolution, progression, and "alchemy" (transformation) on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.

  • More food freedom – learning how to master “empowered eating” so you can eat WHAT you want, WHEN you want! (Quite a glorious way to live. if you ask me!)

  • Faster and better results on your holistic healing journey in the realm of diabetes, PCOS/hormone balance, autoimmune disorders and/or gut health.


  • Is this a weight loss program?

    This program is not designed to focus on weight loss; however, some participants have reported that they lost weight when they implemented what they learned this course. My intention is for this to be a weight-neutral and body-positive program which focuses on healthy, balanced, sustainable and intuitive/mindful eating. When we eat and live in alignment with the nutritional fundamentals, our body tends to gravitate towards a natural "set point" which we talk more about in the course.

  • I'm already working with a dietitian/nutritionist. Would this course still be beneficial for me?

    If you resonate with the above info, then YES! This course is not meant to replace 1:1 nutrition consultation but rather to ENHANCE and COMPLEMENT it. The Kitchen Alchemy: Meal Planning Made Easy course is meant to help you move through the nutrition fundamentals at a faster pace. Instead of spending the entire hour of your 1:1 meetings over the next few years asking a bunch of the "low hanging fruit" nutrition questions that come up for so many people (like what kinds of protein powder are healthy, what's the best kind of protein, is this sweetener good/bad, what should I be having for macro's, how often can I eat ________, etc...) - we'll cover all of that (and lots more) in this course so that you can cover more ground and make more progress in your 1:1 meetings. (You can talk to me or your dietitian/nutritionist if you need help in determining if this course would be a good fit!)

  • Can this course replace 1:1 work with a dietitian/nutritionist?

    This is not a medical nutrition therapy course and it's not meant to replace 1:1 consultations. If you have any kind of medical condition that is impacted by food in any way (which is most medical conditions), I strongly recommend that you also start or continue to see a 1:1 dietitian to make sure you're getting the right support.

  • Why is this course only launched 1x/year?

    Outside of this course, I run a full-time 1:1 service-based nutrition practice and am in the process of also launching a "level 2" nutrition program to support those with digestive health issues. I need to make sure I have the time, energy and bandwidth to show up for everybody (course members and 1:1 clients) with 100% effort and energy so ya'll can get the best version of me!

  • Intuitive eating is mentioned a few times... If I'm in recovery from an eating disorder, can I benefit from this program?

    Although this program is weight-neutral and body positive, it's not geared specifically towards eating disorder recovery. If you're recovering from anorexia or bulimia, this program may not be in your best interest especially in the early stages of recovery. (If you struggle with binge eating, I'd be happy to talk with you and help you decide if this is a good fit.) With any type of eating disorder, I recommend that you consult your treatment team (eating disorder dietitian, therapist and doctor) in addition to talking with me before enrolling in this course.

  • What if I fall behind in this course?

    There is no such thing as falling behind, because you've got LIFETIME ACCESS! That's right - if you enroll this year, you are automatically able to access all of the course updates I make each year and you'll also be able to drop into the live group office hours for FREE at no extra charge moving forward. (The office hours may or may not still be lifetime access to people who enroll in 2022 or later.)

  • Is this program covered by insurance?

    Although insurance doesn't directly cover online programs, we DO accept HSA/FSA/health savings card payments. Some insurances also allow you to submit your receipt as a superbill for reimbursement (you need to check with them directly!).

  • If I have dietary restrictions (vegan, paleo, low FODMAP etc.) can this course still help me?

    YES! The nutrition fundamentals are UNIVERSAL which means it's all about focusing on food groups, quality of food, preparation of food and we also introduce some macro-based nutrition coaching (which focuses on portions and serving sizes of each food group). Speaking as a highly sensitive person and practitioner with multiple food allergies - don't worry, I've got you covered! ;)

  • What is "alchemy"?!

    Great question! Alchemy is a type of practice which dates back to medieval times. It involves the transformation of matter, on all levels (biochemical, astrological, spiritual and more). Alchemy also had a reputation as a practice of turning lead into gold. Although we won't be doing THAT level of transformation in this course, we WILL be facilitating transformation within YOU on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. We'll also be doing quite a bit of transformation in your kitchen, working with the "base materials" (real food ingredients") and transforming them into "gold" (delicious, nourishing, real-food recipes and meals which will transform your health!).

How is Kitchen Alchemy: Meal Planning Made Easy different from other nutrition programs?

Most nutrition programs are focused on giving you EXTREME or FAST results, but they don’t equip you with the fundamental knowledge and mindset-based tools that lead to LASTING results.

Most nutrition programs often endorse expensive, exclusive or processed food products that may be easy to execute short-term (because it takes away all the thought and stress of decision-making) but they taste terrible, they’re expensive, and usually also filled with crap (not healthy or sustainable)!  

  • In this program we focus on using REAL FOOD; we work with simple and accessible meal planning components and foods you already know and love.

Many programs will tell you WHAT to eat but now HOW or WHY…it’s like giving you a fish for a day versus teaching you how to fish.   

But I believe in teaching people how to fish.  My ultimate goal is to educate and empower you.

  • And although the WHAT (to eat) totally matters, it’s also in the HOW and WHY that you’ll be able to do the deep work and be able to embody true, sustainable transformation which starts with these nutrition fundamentals.

I created this program to help address the multitude of questions that have come up in sessions with clients over and over again

  • To cover everything included in this course on a 1:1 basis by meeting a few times a month could literally take YEARS!
  • Unfortunately what happens 80-90% of the time is people don’t want to wait that long, so they drop off or quit.  Then they try to do it on their own, skip right to the “fluff” (herbal supplements, vitamins, "superfoods" and functional foods) which are meant to support and enhance but won't make anything substantial difference (no matter what Google says) when a person's nutrition foundation was not strong enough. I don't want this to happen to you!!!

This course is NOT recommended for you if...

  • You have a very solid understanding of the food groups as well as what a balanced plate looks like and you embody that consistently.
  • You eat intuitively and are able to "self regulate" with food confidently.
  • You’re not ready to invest your time and energy into yourself and better health.
  • You’re recovering from anorexia or bulimia (a better option in addition to 1:1 ED-specialized dietitian meetings would be to find a course/program which is geared towards recovery from an eating disorder!).

Course Creator & Instructor: Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD

Holistic registered dietitian-nutritionist

Course Creator and Instructor

Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT

Identifying the root causes of my health issues, changing my staple foods, nailing down my nutritional & herbal supplement protocols and adjusting my lifestyle has literally transformed my life. I've experienced first-hand what it's like to transform from feeling sick all the time (no matter what I ate and no matter how seemingly "healthy" I thought it was), to reversing over a dozen ALLERGIES (yup, you read that right), healing my esophagus, reversing IBS and having more energy than I know what to do with. More than anything else, I want to now pave the way and help as many people as possible through my signature system so you don't have to waste anymore time going to different mainstream surface-level providers who don't understand you (or sitting on Google with "analysis paralysis" for that matter!). To experience first-hand the level of clarity, relief, freedom, and peace of mind that this program can provide - and to take real, tangible steps to unlocking your code and crafting a lifestyle plan that allows your body to heal itself. Should you choose to accept my invitation as one of up to 10 founding members, I promise these next 90 days will be life-altering for you and your family. I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Complete Gut Repair Program! All My Best, Jenna

Downloadable handouts, cheat sheets & quick-guides...

Including, but not limited to:

  • Weekly food logs and self-assessment tools for cultivating awareness and accountability
  • Customizable weekly goal setting sheets so you can meet yourself where you’re at
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) based journaling prompts to help you master your mindset (so you can take action and get the most out of this course!)
  • “Exchange Lists” for each food group so you have clarity around portions and recommended serving sizes 
  • Grocery shopping checklists and cheat sheets
  • Juicing & Smoothies 101 Do’s & Don’ts
  • Master Snack List 
  • Portion Size Eyeballing “cheat sheet”
  • Delicious real-food recipes and meal planning templates
  • All Kinds of Carbs “Quick Guide”
  • Ultimate Hidden Sugars label reading guide
  • How to Find Your “Sweet Spot” on the Sugar Spectrum - Roadmap
  • Mindful Eating activity sheet
  • What Your Food Cravings Really Mean (and how to honor them)


This course is available for a 1x payment which grants you LIFETIME access to EVERYTHING (including the annual group coaching calls)!