First Things First: Before Diving into the Details of this Life-Altering Program, Let's Go Over Who It's Meant For...

You're holistic-minded, you know deep down something in your health is 'off' and you suspect it has to do with your gut.

You're dealing with unwanted symptoms such as gas, bloating, sluggish digestion, loose bowel movements, fatigue, allergies, mysterious skin breakouts, autoimmune symptoms, and/or chronic stomach discomfort. And you know that stuff is NOT normal!

Whether you're...

  • Tired of your awful symptoms getting in the way of "living your best life"
  • Sick of feeling brushed off, alone, hopeless, helpless, confused, invalidated or misunderstood 
  • DONE with trying surface-level symptom management pills that just mask the underlying problem(s)
  • Looking for a root-cause approach, so your symptoms don't just keep coming back (or get worse and lead to other issues) 
  • Ready to stop dabbling and address the full picture of your health from all angles

... You're in the right place!!! 

I'm going to tell you exactly how the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap will give you the tools, resources, community support, and unparalleled expertise on your journey to healing and repairing your gut holistically.

By the end of this 12-week group program, you'll have...

  • CLARITY around the true underlying root cause(s) of your health issues/unwanted symptoms, so you can tackle everything head-on

  • A deep UNDERSTANDING of how to determine which foods work best, and which foods don't work for your body

  • The KEYS to uncovering the best herbs and supplements (in the right form and the right amount) to support you on your healing journey

  • Greater CONFIDENCE in navigating grocery stores, nutrition labels, restaurants and social events with ease

  • A newfound sense of EMPOWERMENT through crafting your own strategic, simple, exceptionally customized and sustainable lifestyle that allows your body to heal itself, so you can enjoy life again!!!

  • Feelings of FREEDOM, RELIEF and PEACE of mind, knowing you finally have what you need to dodge the Big Pharma rabbit hole, and "make it to safety" (once and for all!)

Don't just take it from me:

Check out Leslie's experience going through the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap signature framework!

“I was diagnosed with IBS approximately seven years ago and suffered from chronic pain and discomfort...


Despite the efforts and expertise of my primary physician and gastroenterologist, my symptoms continued. I was depressed, anxious and fatigued. There were days when I felt hopeless and exceedingly helpless. I recently retired and I was looking forward to starting the next phase of my life. However, I knew that I had to better manage my symptoms in order for me to move forward. I started my journey with Jenna four months ago and it has been amazing!!!! Through our work together, Jenna has been able to heal my gut with healthy eating, herbal supplements. and a holistic approach. Jenna is extremely professional, intelligent and compassionate. She truly understood how I was feeling due to her own health experiences. My plan of care was tailored to my unique symptoms and flexible to change as needed. In addition, I have been able to decrease some of my medications and eventually maybe discontinue my pharmaceuticals entirely. Jenna has impacted my life in such a positive manner! I now feel hopeful, energized and happy. I was able to achieve my health goals with Jenna’s emotional support, calming attitude and expertise."

Grab your spot as a Founding Member in the Complete Gut Repair Beta-Launch 2021!

This is your opportunity to join me at the ground level, gain lifetime access to the online learning vault/all curriculum content updates, and get started NOW so that your future self will thank you!

Course Curriculum & Learning Modules:

What's Included!

  • 1


    • Welcome letter from Jenna [Download!]

    • Welcome!!!

  • 2

    Housekeeping & Orientation

    • How To Sign In and Access Your Thinkific Account Vault (Download & Save This!)

    • How Join & Access the Private Community Support Forum

  • 3

    First Things First... Intro To The Gut

    • What Is The Gut? What Does It Do?

    • Leaky Gut

    • Week 1 Gut Health Intro: Self Assessment

  • 4

    Week 1 Group Call: 10/4/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 1 Group Call: 10/04/2021 Zoom Link

    • Week 1 Zoom Call Recording: Group Member Introductions and Orientation

  • 5

    Module 1: CLARITY

    • What is Your Body Trying to Tell You?

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] - Symptom Clarity

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] - Root Cause Checklist 1

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] - Root Cause Checklist 2

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] - Connecting the Dots Cheat Sheet

    • Adverse Food Reactions - What's Inflaming You?

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] Food Log Like A BOSS!

    • [DOWNLOAD & COMPLETE] Food Intolerances Cheat Sheet

    • Testing is Better Than Guessing!

  • 6

    Week 2 Live Group Call: 10/11/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 2 Zoom Call: 10/11/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 2 Live Call Recording

  • 7

    Week 3 Live Group Call: 10/18/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 3 Live Group Call: 10/18/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 3 Live Recording

  • 8

    Week 4 Group Call: 10/25/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 4 Live Group Call: 10/25/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 4 Group Call Replay

  • 9

    Module 2: Food As Medicine!

    • Module 2 Intro

    • Food as Medicine and Functional Nutrition!

    • Managing Mindset & Expectations on Your Gut Healing Journey

    • The Sugar Spectrum 2.0

    • Gut Health Nutrition Therapy

    • Roadmap to Crafting Custom Menus & Meal Planning - Even With Dietary Restrictions

  • 10

    Week 5 Live Group Call: 11/01/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 5 Live Group Call: Zoom Link

    • Week 5 Group Call Replay

  • 11

    Week 6 Live Group Call: 11/08/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 6 Live Group Call: 11/08/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 6 Group Call Replay

  • 12

    Week 7 Group Call: 11/15/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 7 Group Call: 11/15/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 7 Group Call Replay

  • 13

    Module 3: Microbiome Makeover

    • Okay, What The Heck Is A Microbiome??

    • What's Making (Or Breaking) YOUR Microbiome

    • Dismantling Dysbiosis

    • Die-Off: A Double Edged Sword

    • Probiotics

    • Prebiotics

  • 14

    Module 4: Repair & Replete

    • Algorithm to Uncovering The Best Herbal Allies for YOUR Gut

    • Complete Guide to Choosing Your Functional Foods & Supplements

  • 15

    Module 5: Rest , Digest & Revitalize

    • The Gut-Brain Connection

    • Stress And The Gut

    • How To Let Your Body Heal Itself!

    • As Within, So Without: The Missing Piece

  • 16

    Week 8 Group Call: 11/22/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 8 Group Call: 11/22/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 8 Group Call Replay

  • 17

    Week 9 Group Call: 11/29/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 9 Group Call: 11/29/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 9 Group Call Recording

  • 18

    Module 6: Momentum, Maintenance and Freedom - Oh My!

    • Navigating The Holidays

    • Maintaining Momentum - Even When You're Feeling Better!

  • 19

    Week 10 Group Call: 12/6/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 10 Group Call: 12/6/21 Zoom Link

  • 20

    Week 11 Group Call: 12/13/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 11 Group Call: 12/13/21 Zoom Link

  • 21

    CONGRATS!!! What's next?!

    • Next Steps!

  • 22

    Week 12 WRAP UP: Last Group Call! 12/20/21 Zoom Link

    • Week 12 WRAP UP - Last Group Call! 12/20/21 Zoom Link

What's Included in the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap...

This complete step-by-step framework includes but is not limited to:

.6 Educational & Implementational Modules | A Simple Yet Strategic Step-By-Step Framework To Holistically Restoring Gut Health | The Secret Sauce to Maintaining Momentum When You Feel Better | 12 Weekly Virtual Live Group Coaching Calls | Private Community Support / Q&A Forum ...and more!
Jenna Volpe - holistic functional dietitian nutritionist

Founding Member Enrollment Bonuses:

Enrolling in the beta launch has its perks!

  • Herbal Potions for Immunity: Recipe eBook!

    There's nothing more empowering than being able to craft your own herbal medicine to support your immune system NATURALLY! Gut and immunity go hand-in-hand. (Did you know 70% of the immune system resides IN the gut?!) You'll be able to access this as soon as you enroll in the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap as a founding member.

  • LIFETIME access!

    As a founding member you'll get lifetime access to ALL content curriculum updates each year - so you can stay in the loop on the latest research and new findings that will help you to stay healthy and feeling great for many years to come.

  • Optional: Meet 1:1 with Jenna

    If you're on the waiting list to work together in 2022 and you'd like to get started sooner, this is your golden ticket! There are up to 10 spots reserved for new founding member 1:1 consultations with Jenna. This is a great opportunity to bypass the 1:1 waiting list if you'd like! (1:1 sessions are not included in the program fee but may be covered by Blue Cross/Harvard Pilgrim insurance or otherwise will be private pay.)

Burning Questions Like-Minded Folks Have Asked About Joining the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap...

  • I'm really busy! What if I can't make it to the live group calls?

    We totally understand this is a crazy time, and of course life happens! While we do encourage you take advantage of the live group Zoom calls as much as possible, you can still get access to all of the calls which will be recorded and stored in a private vault, EXCLUSIVELY for this cohort of founding members to reference! You will also have 90 days of access to a private support group where you can ask any and all questions that come up for you along the way.

  • What if I fall behind in this program?

    The best part about joining as a Founding Member is you get lifetime access to all of this content!!! (This includes the live call recordings as well as the online learning modules.) Everyone is on their own unique path and we encourage everyone to go at their own pace. We focus on progress not perfection, and taking small but mighty actions that will move the needle 1% at a time on your health journey!

  • Will I be totally healed by the end of this program?

    By the end of this program you'll have access to the entire signature framework which, when followed consistently over time (at least 75% compliance most of the time) does lead to consistent successful health outcomes in our experience. Everyone is different so results will always vary, along with timeline! Generally speaking it takes ~1 to 2 years minimum for an adult to truly restore gut health at the cellular level but by the end of the 90 days we'll have covered all of the key fundamental pillars of gut repair. We'll be offering step-down support options for clients who have completed the entire 90-day program and are ready for the next level!

  • If I'm already working with a dietitian/nutritionist is that a problem? Will this program interfere with what we're doing?

    Not at all! On the contrary, this program can serve as a supplemental guide for you. This program is not meant to replace 1:1 work with healthcare providers (including a dietitian) - it's meant to help complement and enhance your healing journey from all the angles. There is even a section in this program on how to build your entire holistic healthcare team (which includes a dietitian) so if that's the case, you're one step ahead of us! ;)

  • I have an eating disorder. Is it okay for me to participate in this program?

    We encourage anyone in recovery from an eating disorder (or anyone struggling with an eating disorder) to first address your eating disorder as a prerequisite to this program, as dietary restrictions will likely come up in conversations. We encourage participants or anyone considering enrolling in this program to already have a relatively healthy relationship with food, and to be at least 6 months or more in remission from an eating disorder. Please reach out to Jenna individually to determine if this would be a good fit or not.

  • Can this program replace 1:1 work with a dietitian?

    This program is not meant to replace 1:1 work with a dietitian or any other healthcare provider! This is meant to supplement, enhance and complement the 1:1 work you're doing with your healthcare providers. We will talk all about the importance of building a holistic healthcare team in Module 1! ;)

Can you imagine not having to deal with gut issues anymore?

"I can hardly believe the huge difference in my life since meeting Jenna!

by B.R.

...I almost never have symptoms of SIBO, or any gut issues [anymore]. I have WAY more knowledge, energy and tools for healthy living. Jenna has a great deal of experience and skill to teach, guide, coach and "cheer" me toward food choices [preparing and eating], with such Joy and Enthusiasm, which make me feel sooo good. Thanks Jenna!"

Lock in your spot in the Complete Gut Repair Beta-Launch 2021!

This is your opportunity to join me as a Founding Member at the ground level, gain lifetime access to the Online Learning Vault & content curriculum updates, and get started NOW, so you can start feeling better sooner rather than later!

Still thinking about it?

You should give the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap a try if you can relate to any of the following...

You want your life back... really badly. 

You know there will never be a "right" time (we make time for what's important!).

It's the simple things that make a big difference in our quality of life day to day... 

Like being able to get ready in the morning and plan out your day without getting held up or worrying about what to wear/how you'll feel/where you'll be.

Having that spark of energy back that you once had, so you can show up as your best and brightest self again.

Enjoying date nights or dinners out with family/friends.

Feeling strong and energized from your workouts versus weak/drained... and knowing how to fuel properly before/afterwards.

Striving towards bigger goals and dreams versus staying stuck in survival mode, consumed by discomfort or health nuisances that could eventually become a distant thought/memory, or even a non-issue someday...

(Speaking first-hand, I often forget how I used to feel when I went through this stuff!)

And you're realized you don't have the roadmap to get there and figure it out on your own.

Time is precious and we only have so much of it to do the things we really want to do - you deserve to get back those opportunities!!!

That's why you're motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months into turning inward, showing up for yourself, and setting up new routines  and simple systems in your life that will serve you (and your loved ones too) for many years to come.

 (Remember YOU are your own best asset! You need to be and feel truly healthy before you can help others.)

Your Instructor: Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT

I personally cannot WAIT to guide you over these next 12 weeks!

Course Creator and Instructor

Jenna Volpe, RDN, LD, CLT

Identifying the root causes of my health issues, changing my staple foods, nailing down my nutritional & herbal supplement protocols and adjusting my lifestyle has literally transformed my life. I've experienced first-hand what it's like to transform from feeling sick all the time (no matter what I ate and no matter how seemingly "healthy" I thought it was), to reversing over a dozen ALLERGIES (yup, you read that right), healing my esophagus, reversing IBS and having more energy than I know what to do with. More than anything else, I want to now pave the way and help as many people as possible through my signature system so you don't have to waste anymore time going to different mainstream surface-level providers who don't understand you (or sitting on Google with "analysis paralysis" for that matter!). To experience first-hand the level of clarity, relief, freedom, and peace of mind that this program can provide - and to take real, tangible steps to unlocking your code and crafting a lifestyle plan that allows your body to heal itself. Should you choose to accept my invitation as one of up to 10 founding members, I promise these next 90 days will be life-altering for you and your family. I look forward to meeting you personally inside the Complete Gut Repair Program! All My Best, Jenna

This is your best opportunity to join the Complete Gut Repair Roadmap!

Take advantage of the reduced beta rates and optional payment plan. (Fall 2022 this program will be $997 to enroll)